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Shy Barry Grand Lofts

312 W 5th St

Los Angeles CA 90013

允許寵物: 是

Mills Act: 不是

生活/工作: 是

建造: Aleck Curlett - 1921

現代化: Barry Shy - 2004

Shybarry Grand建於1921年,由Aleck Curlett設計,以第五街百貨店的名稱而著名‧

2004年,根據Adaptive Reuse Ordinance轉換成住宅用,現在擁有280間公寓,有限的住戶停車位,一樓有一些零售店‧



  • 12層樓
  • 280單元
  • Beaux-Arts建築
  • 24小時代客停車
  • 24小時保安
  • 屋頂天空平台有游泳池和按摩浴缸


  • 拋光的混凝土地板
  • 高高的天花板
  • 玻璃面爐子
  • 洗碗機
  • 電冰箱
  • 有洗衣機和烘乾機
  • 大型古董窗戶
  • 中央系統冷暖氣
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We love the website...super thorough easy to navigate. There arent any other websites dedicated to LA Downtown Living like DLXCO. Anh was the best :) This was our first time buying and while it wasnt the easiest road to home ownership Anh was truly there for us and held our hands all the way! He tells you the truth he is patient prompt and responsive via phone email & text. He was sympathetic to our circumstances and did his best to alleviate the stress. He fought for us and got us a really great deal. A really cool knowledgeable easygoing professional guy! I should also mention that he also helped us out when we were looking to rent downtown. We absolutely love him and would recommend him to anyone! Debby & Cullin
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